Staying Ahead of the Curve: RSI Offers Our Brand Partners A Full Suite of 3D Capabilities to Improve Speed and Drive Value

The 3D revolution is a part of every major apparel brand’s roadmap to drive a more collaborative development process across the supply chain. And Covid-19 has further accelerated the adoption given the clear benefits of shortened lead times and reduced waste. Now more than ever, 3D digital tools have become “par for the course” and are integrated throughout the product lifecycle, from prototyping, to assortment planning, to visual merchandising. 3D technologies have already become one of the major driving forces behind the apparel industry’s strategic business growth.

At RSI, we recognized the importance of cutting-edge 3D solutions very early on and have been making the right investments in our people, processes, and platforms. We have fostered a culture of innovation through rigorous training and experimentation in order to offer our brands partners with a whole suite of 3D design and co-creation opportunities. This includes the following:

Rapid Prototyping and Precision Sampling

We currently have certified technicians well-versed in CLO 6.0.520, Browzwear 2021.01, Optitex 19.6 software solutions for design prototyping and product sampling. Our in-house material scanner enables us extracted basic fabric texture characteristic data and calibrate samples based on a material’s unique attributes such as draping, shading, stretchability and color. 3D not only cuts down on sample rounds and therefore reducing the unnecessary waste, it also improves decision making and therefore product adoption rates. Better upstream management also helps to mitigate bottlenecks downstream during bulk production, vastly streamlining the product lifecycle efficiency and margin opportunities.

2D to 3D Pattern Evaluation and Fit Optimization

By integrating existing 2D patterns to 3D renderings, our designers can edit directly on 2D patterns and instantaneously visualize how the garment will look on virtual 3D models. 3D creates opportunities that previously were only available through physical samples which is costly and slow. Now, these digital solutions allow our in-house technical teams to modify fit issues and recommend solutions early and often, thereby improving our overall service performance to our brand partners.

Advanced 3D Modeling and Simulation

What if an awesome design doesn’t look good in real-life? Our advanced 3D modeling helps to eliminate this guessing game. RSI’s team offers advanced 3D simulation capabilities to create a more realistic “look and feel” to help simulate various environments to help with planning and merchandising decisions-making. Moreover, brand partners can choose to further utilize the realistic 3D images as design assets in their seasonal look books or e-commerce sites to further augment their customer’s online shopping experience.

3D design is foundational to what we do at RSI. As we bring your design concepts to life through a collaborative digital experience, we elevate our engagement with our brand partners. RSI will continue to expand upon our product development and technical capabilities, and we look forward to traveling along the 3D journey with you.

By: Christie Hsu, Office of the CEO

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