Our Community Impact

We care about the wellbeing of the local communities we conduct our business and make a concerted effort to have a positive impact.

We have long standing partnerships with local community-based organizations through direct financial contributions as well as volunteerism to bolster community development and local empowerment.  Strategically we are focused on a few key areas, including education and literacy, arts, support for local agribusiness, and disaster relief.

We are proud to be a long term corporate donor of Room to Read, a leading global nonprofit organization focused on literacy and gender equality in education. Through this initiative we have helped build schools and libraries across Cambodia as well as sponsored girls to attend secondary schools in Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam.

RSI’s generous investment will ensure that education endures for the most at-risk students across Bangladesh, Cambodia and Vietnam during a particularly critical time. For students in communities where Room to Read operates programs, school closures could mean not just a pause, but an end to learning forever. RSI is part of the solution and is partnering with Room to Read to address learning disruptions for the world’s most vulnerable children.”
Dr. Geetha Murali
Room to Read, CEO

Nutrition And Wellness Program in Disadvantaged Communities in Vietnam

The project provides weekly supplemental nutritional food items and evidence-based education to 776 children aged between 3 to 5 years old in the mountainous commune of Dien Bien Province to reduce malnutrition rate. 


Our long-term commitment to the local art sector includes supporting the Formosa Circus Art (FOCA), National Culture and Arts Foundation R.O.C., Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, and Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, and more. For this work, we have also received the Silver Medal for Arts and Business Awards (文馨獎) presented by the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan in 2022.

We will continue to support aspiring artists in Taiwan as well as cultivate our own employees’ literacy and appreciation for the arts through employee education and engagement.

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the main industries in Taiwan and contributes to our food security, rural development, and environmental conservation. At RSI, we support local agricultural projects and sponsor local farmers that sustainably harvest rice through innovative soil and water conservation methods. Moreover, we also utilize our factory land to grow local fruits and vegetables to promote better integration into the local agricultural ecosystem.