Our Environmental Commitment

We have adopted the Higgs Index standards across all our facilities to measure our environmental impact and have set a goal to obtain LEED-certifications or equivalent at all of our newest production facilities. 

LEED Certified Factories

By focusing on sustainability from the beginning of our construction, we reduce our impact on the environment and provide our employees with a healthier and more comfortable work environment. 

Key features of our LEED certified facility include:

  • Water use reduction through rainwater recapture and reuse for toilets, gardens, and fire fighting 

  • Optimized energy performance using LED technology and natural light

  • Large green spaces that are planted with native vegetation 

Higg Index Facility Module and Third Party Verification

We fully embrace the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) Higg Facility tools and have standardized the way we measure the environmental impact at all of our facilities. The Higg FEM and third-party verification processes include the following seven important areas: