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Premium Activewear Manufacturing with a Commitment to

Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability.

Agile Global Production Chain

RSI owns and operates production facilities in 5 countries and provides our brand partners with the speed and flexibility needed to meet the evolving needs of today’s fast changing market place. MORE

Premium Quality Standards

With over 50 years of technical design, material and construction know-how, we uphold the highest quality commitment to ensure our apparel is produced to the highest standards for active lifestyles. MORE

Technical Design & Co-Creation

Our world-class in-house development and innovation team offers our brand partners access to the latest technical designs, performance fabrics, and construction innovations. MORE


Sustainability is our greatest opportunity for growth.
We conduct our business in a manner that recognizes our social and environmental responsibilities as well as our community impact.
- Amy Hsu, CEO

Our People

Our employees are the backbone of our success, and we are committed to improving the living standards of our people and their families.
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Our Community

We care about the wellbeing of the local communities where we conduct our business and work to have a meaningful impact in their lives.
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Our Environment

We recognize we have an important responsibility as a leading apparel manufacturer and as a global citizen to reduce our impact on the environment.
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