world-class activewear apparel manufacturing company committed to delivering reliability, accountability & innovation.

RSI has over 45 years of technical design and manufacturing experience working alongside the world’s premium activewear brands.

We produce a wide array of activewear apparel, including garments for running, yoga, cycling, outdoor, and active fashion. Our advantage is in our strong technical designs, deep material knowledge, immense construction knowhow, world-class production management, and unwavering commitment to quality.

RSI owns and operates production facilities in 5 countries, employs over 12,000 associates and produces over 65 million premium quality activewear apparel each year. We offer a total sourcing solution to our brand partners, including:

Market Intelligence
Technical Design & Product Innovation
Material Sourcing & Development
Agile & LEAN Production
Printing & Embroidery Services
Rigorous Quality Control
Strict compliance requirements

Central to our success is design innovation. Our world-class in-house development and innovation team offers our brand partners unparalleled access to the latest technical designs, performance fabrics, and construction innovations. Moreover, the strength of our multi-country global supply chain, including our US partnership with 99Degrees, provides our brand partners with the speed and flexibility needed to meet the evolving needs of today’s fast-changing market place.

We have earned a strong reputation for employee care and social responsibility in the communities where we operate.

We uphold a rigorous Code of Conduct and maintain a strong commitment towards sustainability. We believe our industry has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for positive social, economic, and environmental change.

We lead by example through our actions.