Our employees are the

backbone of our success,

and we are committed to

improving the living standards of our people and their families.

As a global business, we strictly adhere to local regulations as well as international standards such as the

Fair Labor Association (FLA) and International Labor Organization’s Better Works (ILO) program. We take a

zero-tolerance approach to critical issues such as child and forced labor, harassment and abuse, unsafe working conditions,

corruption and bribery. Moreover, we meet the stringent requirements established by our brand partners to maintain

transparency and build mutual trust by championing fair labor rules, competitive wages and benefits, health and nutrition,

safe and comfortable working conditions, and freedom of association and grievance procedures.


Our employee care initiatives include:


Services and Hydration



Prevention &


Maternal Care


Fire & Traffic

Safety Training



& Ergonomic Training

Below are examples of our factory programs: 

In Bangladesh, we have been recognized by our brand partners for our comprehensive fire protection procedures

and safety systems, and have been showcased as a model for other manufacturing facilities. We have also partnered with

Labour Voices, an industry leading grievance hotline provider for the global manufacturing sector, to give our employees

direct voice to report possible violations such as child labor, illegal migrant workers, unsafe working conditions,

and wage violations. We believe transparency and direct communication is the best way to ensure accountability and

are planning to scale this across our factories globally.

“RSI is a forerunner among suppliers for responsible sourcing. We’ve seen RSI demonstrate consistent and sincere efforts to listen and respond to employee needs, as well as a longstanding commitment to support local communities.

Out of hundreds of global suppliers, RSI ranks among the top.”

- Kohl Gill, CEO of Labor Voices

In Cambodia, we have implemented employee wellness programs focused on personal hygiene and nutrition.

The introduction of such programs has resulted in enhanced productivity, reduced sick days and improved overall

job satisfaction. We have also partnered with Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC), an local Cambodian NGO,

whose focus is to provide quality health services to the community, especially the poor and vulnerable population.

Our collaborative activities include prenatal and maternal health assessments, regularly scheduled check-ups staffed by

certified physicians, nutritional supplements, and ongoing educational programs.