Our employees are the

backbone of our success,

and we are committed to

improving the living standards of our people and their families.

As a global business, we strictly adhere to local regulations as well as international standards such as the

Fair Labor Association (FLA) and International Labor Organization’s Better Works (ILO) program. We take a

zero-tolerance approach to critical issues such as child and forced labor, harassment and abuse, unsafe working conditions,

corruption and bribery. Moreover, we meet the stringent requirements established by our brand partners to maintain

transparency and build mutual trust by championing fair labor rules, competitive wages and benefits, health and nutrition,

safe and comfortable working conditions, and freedom of association and grievance procedures.


Our employee care initiatives include:


Fire & Electric Safety Training


Traffic Safety Training


Exercise Programs


Yoga Class & Ergonomic Training


Women’s Empowerment & Life Skills Development


HIV/AIDS & STDs Prevention & Education


Nutritional Services & Hydration Training


Maternal Care Programs


Childcare Programs


Personal Hygiene Programs

In Indonesia, we partnered with lululemon to launch a program that focuses on yoga, mindfulness, dance-inspired exercises. This program has been well received by our employees and we planned to expand this wellness initiative in 2020 and beyond.

In Bangladesh, we  have been recognized by our brand partners for our fire protection procedures and safety systems, and received approval from Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety on fire safety, electrical safety & structural safety, such comprehensive procedure and system  have been showcased as a model for other manufacturing facilities.

In Cambodia, we have been partnering with Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC) to introduce and launched HIV/AIDS & STIs Prevention Program to all employees via posters, offered onsite consultation and monthly educational related activities with Q&A sessions in hopes of increase self-empowerment to reduce infections and utilize the program to raise awareness in the community.

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