RSI offers an agile and scalable multi-country global production solution and adopts the latest manufacturing technologies to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the global consumer - one that emphasizes speed, flexibility, and innovation.  

Advances in automation, digitization, and construction technologies presents new opportunities to optimize production processes and improve quality. At RSI we incorporate LEAN manufacturing principles in our facilities while maintaining the highest quality standards for all our products. Our continuous improvement approach stems from our commitment to manufacturing excellence which is deeply rooted in our management philosophy. We recognize that long-term goals are best achieved by implementing small and incremental changes that can be practiced every single day, and we believe this is a key driver in the successful execution of our strategy.


We have launched a three year Smart Factory Initiative to modernize our production facilities through digital technologies.

Digitalization provides several operational advantages, including enhanced decision making, flexibility, transparency, and

improved resource allocation. Our objective is to cultivate end-to-end process efficiency through better data analytics to

improve our operational output while improving our collaboration with our brand and ecosystem partners.

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