RSI has partnered with

Studio 317, a first-of-its-kind prototype and innovation workspace for the

apparel industry based

in Portland, Oregon.

Founded by Elizabeth LeMay — a performance apparel industry veteran, the Studio provides designers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to be hands-on during all the stages of the prototyping process—from an initial concept to production-ready designs.

The Studio works with clients big and small, and has helped launch both successful start-up brands as well as specialized

initiatives for some of the world’s premium sportswear giants.

“With RSI, we are building towards offering our clients a one-stop shop from product innovation, design, pattern making, material sourcing, textile innovation, small batch sample production -- an all-inclusive service that does not exist in Portland or anywhere else in North America. Studio 317 also provides apparel designers an opportunity to come together and develop better industry practices in order to create cutting-edge products in the USA, with both speed and quality.”
- Elizabeth LeMay, Studio-317 Founder and President

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