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RSI x Studio 317

Studio-317 Announces Global Partnership with Reliable Source Industrial (“RSI”) to Expand Prototyping and Innovation Capabilities for the Activewear Industry

PORTLAND, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Studio–317, a recognized pioneer and first-in-kind prototyping and innovation workspace for the apparel industry, and RSI, a leading global activewear apparel manufacturing and services company, proudly announce a strategic partnership, including a major investment by RSI to expand Studio-317 capabilities and operations.

The partnership enables the companies to provide their brand partners a total supply chain solution from ideation to production and everything in-between: concept innovation, product design, pattern making, sample and prototype sewing, material sourcing, textile innovation, and end-to-end manufacturing support. Studio-317 will also expand its scope to support apparel designers to develop better industry practices for how new, cutting-edge products can be made in the U.S. with both speed and quality.

Our brand partners will be able to collaborate with us through expanded services such as:

  • 3D Design: Allows for the design of customized apparel while reducing waste in the development process.

  • 3D Printing: Allows for turning ideas more quickly into tangible products.

  • Rapid Prototyping: Allows designers and developers to test and refine products and processes.

  • Digital Wearable Solutions: Provides a workspace to conceptualize and define the wearables trends in the industry and develop prototypes for scale.

  • Small Batch Manufacturing: Serves as a foundation for RSI’s local-for-local vision to make products faster and more efficiently for its partners.

“We see Studio-317 as a key initiative for our presence in the United States. Our partnership gives us a product development platform to collaborate closer with our strategic brand partners and to begin our ability to make high quality products in the U.S. while reducing production lead-times,” said Amy Hsu, RSI’s global CEO. “We also expect to benefit by transferring the new product innovations and development processes developed in partnership with Studio-317 to our facilities around the world.”

“With RSI, we are building towards offering our clients a one-stop shop from product innovation to small batch production, a service which does not exist in Portland or anywhere else in North America,” said Elizabeth LeMay, founder and President of Studio-317 Corporation. “For Studio-317, this partnership means expansion, financial backing, manufacturing support, and access to the latest technical, high performance fabrics and production technologies.”

Both RSI and Studio-317 expect the partnership to create new jobs in the U.S. and to innovate closer with our brand partners to make better products for consumers.

About Studio-317

Founded in 2014 by 17-year Nike veteran Elizabeth LeMay, Studio-317 is a manufacturing studio especially designed to meet the unmet demand in rapid prototyping for the apparel industry. The activewear apparel prototyping process is currently very costly and time-consuming. For most brands, it includes sending your design concept to a factory offshore and hoping it gets interpreted correctly and returned promptly. This process can take weeks or even months and is not a viable solution in today’s rapidly changing world. Recognizing a critical gap in the apparel market, Elizabeth’s vision was to provide a full service studio that is not only affordable, but also local.

In the past two years, the Studio has worked with big and small clients —from leading global brands to small and medium-sized design firms and DIY-clothing enthusiasts. The Studio has collaborated with the largest activewear giants on specialized initiatives and has helped launch some successful start-up brands. Elizabeth has established a strong reputation for providing an invaluable lens to the company’s clients.

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About RSI (Reliable Source Industrial)

Founded in 1972, RSI is a world-class activewear apparel manufacturing and services leader. RSI has factories located in 6 countries, employs over 10,000 associates, and produces over 50 million units a year, including cutting-edge premium products. The company has built a reputation for delivering innovation, reliability, and accountability to its clients and partners, and is a recognized leader in corporate social responsibility in the countries where it operates.

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