Our guiding principle is

that quality is built into the product, not just tested

on a product. 

Our quality commitment starts with our leadership, and throughout our company we promote a culture of continuous improvement and product. With over 40 years of technical design, material and construction know-how, and manufacturing excellence, we uphold the highest quality commitment to ensure our apparel is consistently produced to the highest standards for active lifestyles.


During the development process, we leverage our immense technical and material knowhow to continuously iterate on pre-production samples in collaboration with our brand partners to create the premium samples. We utilize industry leading equipment and collaborate with our machine suppliers to continuously identify ways to improve our construction methods. We work closely with our mill partners to test and integrate unique performance material characteristcs with advanced construction techniques. At our factories, we implement robust quality checking procedures throughout our production chain, including rigorous fabric and apparel testing and validated critical manufacturing checkpoints staffed by certified quality assurance teams. We maintain a rapid response system and a thorough root cause analysis between our development, production, quality, and merchandising teams as well as our material suppliers. We conduct frequent and intensive technical training to enhance our technical skillsets and champion the “right first time” mindset in all of our facilities. We ensure workplace safety and comfort at our facilities - an equally important precursor to producing premium quality products.


Quality is at the core of RSI’s production chain. This commitment starts from our leadership team whom have made it a company-wide imperative to differentiate ourselves through services and value. We are proud of our achievements and this is a major reason why

many of the world’s premium activewear brands trust us as their strategic manufacturing partner.

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