While we produce garments for our clients on an OEM basis, we also offer design services to support our clients' successes. Since 2008, we have created a Product Commercialization Center (“PCC”) to provide on-site development and commercialization for our clients. We also have an extensive sample and fabric library to share the latest fabric and apparel trends with our clients. The library includes the latest developed fabric swatches, sample trims/accessories, and prints/embroidery swatches. Our sample maker team will also provide our clients'design teams with construction suggestions to improve manufacturing efficiency resulting in lower FOB prices.

In addition, we are also assembling a design studio to create original designs and innovative concepts when requested. RSI utilizes the latest CAD technology in order to provide the best possible service. The team can collaborate to produce design and merchandise concepts, which are then presented as cohesive collections. The team travels extensively to keep RSI abreast of the latest color and design trends in sportswear and swimwear.