The Company is very focused on hiring and retaining the best people. Besides offering a friendly and supportive work environment, professional development training and opportunity for growth, the Company also offers a highly competitive compensation structure to reward our employees for performance. 

We have a comprehensive compensation & benefit system that offers various rewards depending on employee's performance such as 

  • Attractive base salary
  • Holiday bonus
  • Year-end bonus
  • Performance bonus
  • Production incentives
  • Allowance for overseas posting
  • Management Profit Sharing
  • Paid training and development programs

RSI has a merit-based compensation reward system that rewards our employees with rewards for actual working performance and contributions, not based on seniority.

RSI invests more money and time in our employee training and development program than most other companies in our industry. Our HR department carefully balances the needs of the employeescareer planning with the company's strategic plans to create tailored training programs that will allow our employees to learn new skills and experiences and to play key contributing roles to help the Company's to achieve its vision and key strategic initiatives.